Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glory Asia

Glory Asia
Solo Painting Exhibition by Dadi Setiyadi
10th - 16th October 2012
Chapel Gallery @ Sculpture Square

The stories scattered throughout Nusantara, or the Indonesian archipelago, is one of the region's greatest treasures, yet often slighted and forgotten. These stories do not merely birth a rich and diverse history; like in other parts of the world, folklore and mythology is used as a starting reference and point of social control. The stories of gods and mythical creatures impart many guiding life values in every culture.

Thus the human race started from the same reference point: the same social values are shared, and by extension, the same problems and difficulties. This unity transcends race, culture, and language. Dadi Setiyadi argues this in his portrayal of Classical European works that are not only universal points of reference, but also take on mythological references.

About the Artist:
Born 1977 in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Dadi Setiyadi graduated from Indonesia Institute of Art in 2004, working with paintings, sculptures and installation works. With particular interests in fantasy, science fiction and art culture, Dedi studied the symbols of the Archipelago - Garuda from Java, Lembuswana from Borneo, La Galigo from Sulawesi - through a project on Indonesian folklore called Kisah Nusantara. This brought him to discover a connection to a fantastical and mythical world, the influences creating a particular syncretism in his art. He combines traditional local elements inspired from the environment, full of living traditions, with modern and contemporary subjects.
Exhibition dates:      10th – 16th October 2012
Venue:                         Chapel Gallery at Sculpture Square
                                    155 Middle Road
                                    Singapore 188977
Opening hours:        11am – 7pm daily
Contact person:       Jennifer Soen /