Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ketut Teja Astawa b. 1 Maret 1971

130 x 80 cm
acrylic on canvas

oil on canvas
140 x 140 cm
acrylic on canvas
oil on canvas
140 x 90cm

Back to the Camp
acrylic on canvas
150 x 200 cm

Ketut Teja Astawa b. - 1 Maret 1971


1991: Pameran di Museum Ratna Warta Ubud
1992: Pameran Kelompok Lanjalan Ubud
Pameran dalam rangka Dies Natalis STSI Denpasar, di STSI Denpasar
1993: Pameran di Art Center Denpasar
Pameran Peksiminas, di STSI Denpasar
1994: Pameran di Museum Sidik Jari Denpasar
Pameran Seni Masa Kini, di STSI Denpasar
1995: Pameran di Museum Seni Lukis Klasik Nyoman Gunarsa Klungkung Pameran HUT II Kamasra, di STSI Denpasar
1996: Pameran Kelompok Sebelas, di Darga Gallery Sanur
1997: Pameran Kelompok Sebelas, di Art Center Denpasar
Pameran di Arnanda Tour Kuta
1998: Pameran di Canberra Sidney Australia
Pameran Refleksi Seni’98, di Darga Gallery Sanur
2000:Pameran Refleksi Seni II, di Darga Gallery Sanur
2001:Pameran Taksu Bali, di Gallery 678 Jakarta Selatan
Pameran Seni Rupa Bali Kontemporer, di Bentara Budaya Jakarta
Pameran What II, di Gallery Sembilan Ubud Bali
Pameran Himpunan Pelukis Sanur, di Balairung Dewi Sri Exhibition Hall Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jimbaran
2002: Pameran Himpunan Pelukis Sanur Soft Opening Santrian Gallery, di Santrian Gallery Sanur.
Pameran Perupa Dalam 16, di Gabrig Art Gallery Sanur
Pameran Paradise Youth Activity For Humanity Sangga Bhuana, di RRI Denpasar
2003: Pameran TAIBlack Dies Natalis STSI XXXVI, di STSI Denpasar
Pameran BIG Perupa Dalam 16, di Art Center Denpasar & Santrian Gallery Sanur
Pameran NEW Harmony, di Rare Angon Gallery Sanur
Pameran Pesta Kesenian Bali XXV, di Art Center Denpasar
2004: Pameran Mosaik Himpunan Pelukis Sanur, di Santrian Gallery Sanur
Pameran Drawing New Harmony II, di Rare Angon Gallery Sanur
Pameran 10 Artist Introduce Themselves, di 10 Fine Art Sanur, Bali
Auction, di Swissotel the Stamford Singapore
Pameran The Journey Himpunan Pelukis Sanur, di Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud
2005: Pameran Bali to Bali, di Sun Jin Gallery Singapore
Pameran Berdua “ Art As Self Expresion”, di Santrian Art Gallery
2006: Pameran di Ganesha Gallery Four Season, Jimbaran, Bali
2007: Pameran Juxtapose di Gallery Ellcana, Jakarta


2001 : Finalis Philip Morris Art Award Indonesia



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Art Besiege - A Group Exhibition of Art by Beijing Based Artists

February 19 - March 13 ‘08

Sunjin Galleriesis is pleased to announce a group exhibition of Beijing based artists.

China is still dizzying with contemporary art. The emergence of talented painters there holds no bounds. ‘Art Besiege’ is a myriad of artworks presented by the generation of artists who grew up during the Cultural Revolution and were students during the 1989 democracy protests are still in the midst of fashioning a legacy that has left art collectors and museums in breathless states of desire.

Ren Hui’s creation of black and white woodcut works, his chiseling myriads of fine white dots to construct images of himself and his friends, leaving people a visual effect not only imposing but majestic in a variety of ways.

Ren Jian Hui’s new series of monochromatic green portraits are a visual feast. Adopting the very popular Chinese splash ink technique invented by the famous Zhang Da Chien Chinese painter, Ren does it by processing the oil paints to be so thin and applying the ink-splattering’ technique on the canvas resulting semi realism and abstraction, background and foreground, contemporary and classical, and Western and Chinese art.

Since the terracotta warriors were discovered in 1974 by farmers digging for a well in Xian, this life sized and lifelike army has become an icon of China's past, instantly recognizable all over the world. The terracotta warriors were the 8,000 strong underground army buried in Emperor Qin Shi Huang Ti's tomb (221 - 207 BC), to protect him in his afterlife.

Li Feng Hua's sculptures are a wry, witty look at his country's history and future post-Cultural Revolution direction. Two thousand years separate China's first emperor and Mao. But Li's modern ceramic warriors can be seen as an artistic statement of the morally complicated legacy of these two leaders - both great revolutionary leaders and yet, both great criminals, who have left a lasting legacy on China.

Jin Yu’s Touch Point series are a reflection of the women in Modern China. Yu kept to the mainstream of figurative art but the rendering of figures pressed against a glass and simplified colours of red and white leaves the viewer with a vivid imagination.

Venue: Sunjin Galleries (S) Pte Ltd
43 Jalan Merah Saga,
#03- 62 Work Loft @ Chip Bee (Opposite Holland Village)
Singapore 278 115