Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Calligraphy in Motion

Calligraphy in Motion - Solo Exhibition by Chua Boon Kee

30th May - 6th June 2012

Venue : Social Creatives Museum
              #02-55 Millenia Walk

Opening Hours : 11.00am - 9.00pm daily

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Sunjin Galleries is pleased to present the Singapore installment of Chua Boon Kee’s traveling exhibition, Calligraphy in Motion”. Having had successful showcases in Taiwan and Shanghai last year, Chua’s solo tour features his distinctive calligraphy sculptures which combine the essence of traditional Chinese calligraphy with modern sculpture language.

The artistry of Chua’s work lies in his ability to translate the time-honoured practice of calligraphy into sculpture. Although not the first to incorporate calligraphy into the art of sculpture, Chua’s focus on capturing the essential spirit of calligraphy into three-dimensional forms has allowed the formation of graceful, meaningful representations.

Two-dimensional cursive scripts are ingenuously transformed into a series of steel cores that are expressively bent to capture the fluidity of a brushstroke, the thickness of these cores varying in accordance with the movement of line and spontaneity of the brush.

Chua employs a cursive style of Chinese calligraphy- this not only presents a pleasant sense of abstraction, but also allows fluidity and succession in motion as characters in cursive script are often written without lifting the brush from the paper. The continuous, linear dynamism of the cursive script are thus successfully translated into sculptural forms endowed with forceful gracefulness and controlled wildness.