Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living in Ceramics - Solo exhibition of Lee Se Yong

Living in Ceramics runs from 20th October to 10th November 2011

From 20-30 October 2011
Sunjin Galleries presents at
Social Creatives Museuma
9 Raffles Boulevard #02-55 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Thereafter from 1-10 November 2011
At F.A.T Gallery
2 Mistri Road #01-02

Tel/Contact: 6738 2317/ Jennifer Soen, Dong Qin
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm

About the artist:
Regarded as among the top 100 influential Koreans in art and culture, Lee Se Yong's technical background and experise in colored glazes and groundwork of ceramics is forefront among his peers. Having trained for 14 years and currently researching at the Korean Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Lee boasts 16 solo exhibitions in Korea and has participated in a large number group exhibition internationally since 2007. His works are collected in internationally and numerous museum in Korea. In 2010, he had a solo showcase in the Miami Art Fair and Living in Ceramics would be his first solo exhibition in Singapore. Lee holds a BFA and MFA from Kyoung Hee University.

The following is Lee Se Yong's paintings:

Series of woman with a bag 1/2


Series of woman with a bag 2/2


Blue painting 1/4